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My name is Fiona and I have a background in sports/remedial massage, reiki, sound therapy, meditation and energy healing.
My first experience of a Qigong (pronounced chee gung) session barefoot in the garden was transformative. I was amazed at how calm my mind was and how good my body felt even after that first session. I had a vision of me teaching a class and almost a year later that vision has come true!
Qigong is a gentle practise that reconnects you with your energy, calms your mind and improves vitality in your physical body. (Qigong literally translated means to be skilful with your life force energy)
I will guide you through some breathing exercises, warm ups, gentle stretches and mindful movements which will enhance wellbeing, encourage healing and reduce stress.
Qigong is suitable for all ages and abilities and can be done almost anywhere but the best way to enjoy Qigong is outside with your bare feet on the grass or in the sand!

Qigong Benefits

The gentle, rhythmic movements of Qigong can help to;

⭐️Reduce stress

⭐️Build stamina

⭐️Increase vitality

⭐️Enhance immune system

⭐️Speed recovery from illness

⭐️Calm the mind

⭐️Maintain health

⭐️Enhance spiritual connection

⭐️Encourage positivity

⭐️Create balance & harmony in life

⭐️Suitable for all ages and abilities



Started doing Qi gong with Fiona in lockdown and although i am used to high intensity workouts and training wasn’t sure I would get into this

Well I was wrong I love Qi gong so relaxing but uplifting at the same time and just the perfect workout to calm and quieten the mind as you have to concentrate on the gentle movements whilst controlling your breathing also so found myself really focused on the practice and the amazing energy that flows throughout your body that you don’t normally pay attention too

Love to do this of a morning to set me up for the day or night for a restful sleep found the 10 min and 20min sessions easy to slot into busy days but really loved the longer ones on days off to just zone out

Fiona is very knowledgeable and explains all about the chakras where we hold tension etc and talks you through the benefits of each move and breathing exercises throughout which I found fascinating plus you then have a better understanding of how Qi gong works for you

Would defo  recommend Fiona’s Qi Gong to anyone of any  age and fitness level looking for something to calm the mind and body and just destress which I think we all need in our busy lives from time to time.



I would highly recommend Fiona’s Qigong classes.  I have found Fiona‘s classes have had a very beneficial effect on my health, well-being and focus.I find it invigorating. Fiona’s teachings also enable me to calm my mental and emotional state.

Personally I think everyone should try Fiona’s Qigong class.



On a personal level Qigong has given me a platform to have moments of  calm from anxiety. To let the chatter be silenced even for 15 minutes but often longer. In the crazy few months we’ve just had Qigong has given me the tools to keep things in perspective. I cannot thank Fiona enough for asking me to join her to practice Qigong and I am looking forward to learning and practising more.



I have really enjoyed the last 3 months experiencing Qigong as a new activity. The range of moves and exercises has been excellent and learning to breathe properly has been very beneficial. Learning how the movements affect the body and mind has been both informative and very interesting. The way you have explained things and taught the different moves has been terrific. I look forward to starting a class now that you are qualified and wish you every success.



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